Sunday, 21 May 2017

看图说故事 Ajiya Biohldg Dsonic Guh Keyasic KSL MBL RGB

纯粹看图吹水,非常中立,不是buy call,买卖自负。。。

Disclaimer: All information here just for self improvement or sharing purpose only, all statements are very neutral and not a recommendation or buy call, trade at your own risk.

昨天写完基本面分析,还没分享第二集,今天就吹水技术图,会不会人格分裂呢? XD

Ajiya: 形成Double Top,不过出现反转,也还没跌穿颈线,是危还是机呢?Formed double top, but rebound and still stay above neckline, threat or oppotunity?

Biohldg: 还在上升轨道中,股价星期五出现带量测试0.275,下星期会有好戏吗?Stay in uptrend, retest 0.275 last Friday with volume, will it breakout the resistance?

Dsonic: 形成并突破反转头顶肩,不对,是反转头顶双肩,这是新款的图形吗?哈哈。暂时测试1.30和MA支撑,RHB的目标价是1.84,达不到目标价请找他们,我只是吹水没给目标价 :P Formed inverse head and shoulders, no no, is inverse head and "double" shoulders, is that new chart pattern? haha. now retest 1.30 and MA support, RHB target price 1.84, if can't hit target pls refer to them, i just blow water :P

Guh: 股价突破0.935后直线上升,跟业绩即将公布有关系吗?短期可能有回调休息,NTA高达1.99,股价才刚来到1.01。从3年的图来看,这是要准备形成大罩杯的round bottom吗?Direct shot up after breakout from 0.935, is that because of quarterly results going to announce? short term may retrace, NTA 1.99 but share price only 1.01. Look at 3 years chart, is that going to form D cup or F cup round bottom?

Keyasic: 股价测试0.125支撑,会反转来第二轮涨势吗?Share price retest 0.125 support, will it rebound and continue 2nd round?

KSL: 形成三角形形态,业绩即将公布,股价会突破三角形吗?突破的话是往上还是往下呢?Formed triangle pattern, QR is going to announce, will it breakout? or "breakdown"? XD

MBL: 经过长久的横摆后,股价重新带量测试1.16的阻力,业绩即将公布,会有好消息吗?After a long time sideway, finally the price retest previous high at 1.16 with high volume, going to announce QR, is there any good news?

RGB: 冷眼的持股之一,股价突破0.305后就开始回调,会再创历史新高吗?那要看业绩的脸色了。One of the company in Mr. Fong portfolio, start retracement after breakout from 0.305, will it make a new historical high? have to depend on latest QR in this month.





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